PV Modules

PV Solar modules form the heart of any solar installation and are the most important component of the solar generation ecosystem. PV Powertech is committed to the manufacturing of the highest quality solar panels adhering to global standards of reliability and efficiency.

Our high efficiency photovoltaic solar modules are manufactured using state-of-the-art automated manufacturing processes that ensure consistency in production and high quality standards. Our manufacturing processes adhere to strict guidelines laid down by ISO 9001 certification and our plant is also ISO 14001 certified.

Our panels are ideal for a wide range of applications, from home to industrial roofs and ground mounted systems. Compatibility with industry standard mounting systems and inverters ensure that installation is easy and seamless. They can also be customized for greater aesthetic appeal using black back sheets and black frames. Different sizes are also available to fulfil any type of requirement.

In testimony to these high standards, our solar panels have been successfully installed all over the globe across multiple applications including India, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, France and the African continent.

ECO Series

Our flagship ECO series is a popular high power, high efficiency series of solar PV modules .

  • Certified for design and safety.

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Ammonia resistant

  • Customizable Size and Colour

  • Backed by warranty

The ECO series is a true and tested product with certifications from leading agencies in the world including:

  • Industry standard IEC 61215 (design and performance) and IEC 61730 (safety class II) by both TUV Intercert as well as UL.
  • Certified IEC 61701 proving its resistance to salt, mist, corrosion and can be installed in salty environments such as seasides.
  • Tested and approved by leading association of farmers in Germany, DLG for its long term resistance to ammonia.
  • Free from PID effect and IEC 62804 certified.
  • Resistant to high mechanical loads /snow upto 5,400 Pa.

The ECO series panels are backed by a standard 10 years limited manufacturing warranty, power warranties of 90% minimum output power for 10 years and 80% of minimum power output for 25 years.