PV Power Tech is a trusted manufacturer of high efficiency Mono crystalline & Polycrystalline 1000VDC & 1500 VDC solar photovoltaic panels in India with a distribution network stretching across the globe. We strongly believe in promoting the application of photovoltaic technology to ensure a sustainable future and bring the benefits of solar power to the world.

Incorporated in January 2008 and having capacity of manufacturing 200MW a year, PV Power Tech has gone strength to strength. Over the years we have supplied more than 500+ MW modules worldwide including countries such as Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, Africa and India. Our reputation for high quality, performance and safety has made us the preferred choice for a variety of solar installations and projects globally.

Identifying the different benefits and end user requirements of solar power, PV Power Tech has also ventured into the manufacturing and deployment of solar roof top systems and solar water pumping systems across the country. These have been well received by consumers benefiting from savings in their electricity bills.

Leading our many successes is a dedicated team of environmentally conscious entrepreneurs who wish to ensure a sustainable future. The team consists of experts with diverse backgrounds and rich experience in large-scale manufacturing, research and customer service. Together their mission is to make PV Power Tech one of the largest exporters of Solar PV Panels in the world.


To promote the application of photovoltaic technology as a preferred choice for power by giving cost effective solutions without compromising on Quality


Our vision is to be recognized as a company that has innovative, high quality, premium products at cost effective prices and satisfactory customer services. By 2020 we want to be amongst the top companies in India providing top quality cost effective solutions to our customers.


Our philosophy is to enhance the long-term value of our company through:


Profitable growth, that is essential for investment and innovation.


Recognize market trends and opportunities and develop innovative products and solutions.


Build a solid network of strategic partners and suppliers sharing our high standards, leading to our mutual success.


Respect the environment and demonstrate our responsibility in our every activity.


Develop an encouraging work environment conductive to the growth of it's employees, thus ensuring the growth of the company from the bottom up.