Solar Home Lighting

PV Powertech Solar home lighting systems provide an economical and durable solution for areas with scarcity of power or lack of grid connectivity. Designed for the individual requirements, the system can power home appliances such as CFL Lamps, DC Fans, Electric Cookstoves as well as offer charging points for various electrical appliances.

The durability of the systems requires very little maintenance and can operate for many years in all types of environmental conditions. This eliminates the reliance on kerosene, wood, etc. for lighting and cooking and thus gives direct benefit to the beneficiaries in terms of better health. Their working hours and therefore efficiency is increased multifold. It is really heartening to see children of such backward areas getting an opportunity to study and make a life. The ability to charge mobiles has really changed their life and given economic stability.

We also support start-ups who pioneer innovative strategies to make clean electricity available to isolated communities, as well as developers of green mini-grids in rural areas which are not served by the national electricity grid.